Precision Health & Fitness was founded by Therese McNerney, Doctor of Physical Therapy. Precision has been serving the Bethesda and Washington, DC community for the last 14 years, with the goal of helping people achieve their maximum physical therapy and fitness potentials. Our expert staff of licensed physical therapists, elite personal trainers, and Pilates instructors can help you design a customized rehabilitation or exercise program to fit your specific needs.


Physical Therapy

Precision provides a unique physical therapy experience, we offer hour long one-on-one sessions. Your therapist will assess your problem and create an effective treatment program focused on the site of injury or issue. Additionally, your therapist will provide you with a personlized routine to continue your therapy at home and help aid you through daily activities.

Precision's personal training options are all encompassing. We have half hour or hour long sessions which are offered as individuals or group session. Your trainger will help you achieve any goal you have set for yourself by creating a program that works for you


At Precision we only offer classes taught by the best instructors. We have a variety of Pilates classes in order to ensure we meet everyone's desired fitness approach. 

For those looking for an added challenge to their current fitness regimen, our classes are designed to push you to reach and surpass your goals.

For those currently in physical therapy, needing extra help, or just beginning to enter into a new fitness regimen we do offer rehab focused versions of our classes that challenge students while not overwhelming them.

We are excited to announce a new 6-week Pilates program beginning February 3rd. Please call or email the front desk at Precision to learn more about the class and enroll!



Precision was established in 2001 based on the idea of having a smooth transition from physical therapy to fitness. Our therapists and trainers have transformed this concept into a reality. We are recognized as one of the premier physical therapy, elite fitness and Pilates studios in the Metropolitan DC area.